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50 CCI System

Title: Trading the 50cci – A Synopsis of the 50cci Trading System
Author : Ivan G. Gonima aka Verus

Statement by drbob:

My good friend Verus has taken an extraordinary amount of time to study and document the
essentials of the 50cci trading system that I introduced. I have reviewed and edited this
document with Verus and I believe it captures the essentials of the protocol that we are currently
using and discussing in TradersHaven.

The use of the higher time frame analysis is a work in progress and has not been 100%
objectified. Dharma, my trading partner and friend for almost 8 years, has been instrumental in
helping identify some of the nuances of using the higher time frames and integrating them in to
the system.

The best way to understand this methodology is to start with Verus’ document. After that go to
our forum and absorb the charts and notations posted there. Then join our room on Hotcomm,
TradersHaven/relay 7. There are traders there using this system on different markets , some with
their own nuances, live every trading day。

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