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Thank you, and congratulations on purchasing this ebook and probably making one of your wisest investment decisions of your life.

This book was written not just to teach you the mechanics of trading, its main purpose is to make money for you and increase your wealth.

It is a sad fact that we, the general public, have been lied to.


Because there are billions of our hard earned dollars at stake and many brokers, banks, pension companies, system/program/book sellers are all getting rich from our money.

How many poor banks do you see?

Not many, they pay as low as 0.1% interest on your accounts, then charge you 8% on loans, 20% on credit cards, what makes you think their investment advice is any less biased. The same goes for pension companies; I know it is possible to make more money in a single trading day than is given by a pension company for an entire year.

I am an active and successful trader and have been since the year 2000, I did not know how successful I was until, in my constant quest for improvement, trying expert’s tips and systems I found that my own simple methods always delivered a higher rate of return.

One of the questions I am often asked is that “If your system is so successful, why share it” There are two reasons, firstly I feel that the general public are cheated out of their money and have been kept in the dark for long enough. It is time they knew the truth about how to achieve substantial returns on their own investments.

Secondly, there are billions of dollars traded each day, this together with the fact that each individual trades slightly differently, means that it will not change the profitability of the system. If anything in fact, it would make it even better the more people that trade it, as this creates volatility and demand.

At the beginning of this chapter it says congratulations; you truly deserve this because you have taken the first step in controlling your personal finances. This is important because nobody else knows your personal goals, needs and attitude to risk.

Now that you have started to take hold of your finances and personal wealth building, the first thing you must learn to do is to take responsibility for your own actions. This is vitally important; it is no use blaming the market, broker, computer etc. if things go wrong.

No system works 100% of the time and you need to admit to yourself when you have made the wrong trade and the market is going against you. Failure to do this is the most common reason why people fail to make a success of daytrading.

The good news is that you have help and a distinct advantage by using the methods within 60MinuteTrader.

In my constant quest to improve my trading, I have purchased numerous books and systems, none have come close to the profitability and ease of use as my own methods e.g. one system said I needed four screens with two windows open on each. This was one trading window and seven chart indicators, now not only did you have to follow these seven indicators, they also had different weights (levels of importance) and you had to give a number to each e.g. 8,6,5,4,3,2,1. By the time you have done this, the entire move is over and you have missed your chance.

This is typical of 95% of books/systems, they are either too complicated or are vague and do not tell you anything new. The aim of 60MinuteTrader is to keep things as simple as possible and deliver a system that actually works.

As you read further you will see one very simple strategy that works around 8 times out of 10. Follow this and the odds of success are clearly in your favour.

This is not a get rich quick scheme; your trading should be treated as a business. It is a serious business but offers the greatest rewards of any I have encountered.

As you will learn time is money, so let us move on, please take an in-depth study of our business and find out how we can make substantial gains in our personal wealth.

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