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Batfink Method
Batfink Method

Batfink Method

Day trading foreign currency (Forex) is challenging pursuit, emotionally and
strategically. This system endeavours to provide a disciplined, mechanical way of
Intraday trading the forex market.
The BatFink Daily Range Strategy (BF) was originally designed to be currencyspecific
to the GBP/USD but was also found to be suitable for other pairs with a high
daily range. However to date the best results for this system have come from trading
the GBP/USD.
The purpose of this document is to supply a detailed explanation of the BF Daily
Range strategy. It is meant to specify details of the manually tested results (In PIPS)
giving insight to future profit potential and System Rules, Indicators and Chart Setups
Four pairs were chosen to test against this system, GBP/USD, CHY/USD, JPY/USD and
EUR/USD with, GBP/USD generating the best results. These pairs were used to test
this system based on the larger than average daily range for trading. This system has
not been tested on additional pairs.
Back tested results do not supply a guarantee of future results and Traders should
understand the Forex market and trade at their own risk.

This Document Specifies:

1. System Descriptions
2. Profit Potential
3. Trade Results
Total Tested Results
Trade target results
4. System Rules
5. Trade Entry Setup
Entry Setup
The Logic
6. Trade examples
7. Indicators Required
8. Indicator Setup
9. Chart Setup


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