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Black Dog Trading System

Hello fellow traders – and welcome to the Black Dog Trading System.
Hopefully you will soon become a Black Dog Trader reaping the regular gains that we, the BD
team and other BD owners, are starting to take for granted! I congratulate you on your wise
investment and I hope that the Black Dog serves you well for many years to come, forming part
of your trading arsenal in the constant battle with the forex market. The Black Dog Trading
System (or BD from here on in) is the only strategy that I personally use, but it does no harm to
have other big guns on your side enabling you to change tack and attack those markets from a
new angle. I am all in favour of extracting profits no matter what it takes. It sure beats losing!
But, like I say, the BD is all I need to make a comfortable living, so I’ll stay with it.
You have made a very wise decision in your investment. The strategy is currently performing
very well and profits are made consistently. There is no reason to suppose that this will not
continue indefinitely.
Please take the time to study the training material. The Black Dog team trades the strategy on a
daily basis very successfully, this is achieved by following the rules of the system rigidly. It
cannot be overstressed that diverging from the rules will probably result in failed trades. The
rules are not difficult to follow, and there are only a few of them. They will protect you. The
system works.
Should you have any problems at all please do not think twice of contacting the Black Dog team.
You have shown your confidence in our system by making the purchase, we will be there for you
to get you up and running as soon as is possible, and at any time in the future. This website is
dedicated to the Black Dog and we hope that you will frequent these pages often, free
downloads of strategies and forex information are available to Black Dog owners to use as they
see fit, with more to come.
Please be aware that no member of the team is a computer wizard, we are traders. But we will
try to solve any problem you may have with the system and its application. We cannot offer
trading advice or tax advice. This must be your responsibility.
All the contact information that you will require is included and, personally, I hope that you make
use of it. Keep in touch. The Black Dog family continues to grow, and we are in this together. All
of us want to make money, agreed.

I wish you all the good fortune in your trading endeavours and long may it last.
There are days, I’m sure you will agree, when things get a little boring. Trading is not the most
exciting pastime there is. And it’s that boredom that led me to thinking of starting a website,
trading together with some local guys (no females as yet!), and ultimately offering the BD to
anyone who would care to use its simplicity in making some cash. Hence this document.
Let me start as I mean to go on; we Yorkshiremen tend to get straight to the point so I won’t
linger on this intro. I am not a writer, I am not a salesman, nor am I a philosopher. I am, believe it
or not, a full time trader, a trader who has developed a successful strategy to extract cash from
the greatest bank in the world without too much hassle. So why sell it?
What would you do? C’mon, let’s be honest!

Answer: to generate extra income to place into a trading account which would enable playing for
higher lots. Simple. Don’t ever listen to all the bull about: ‘the markets are big enough for all of
us….’; ‘I like to help less experienced traders just starting on their careers….’; ‘many traders
using this strategy won’t affect the market….’; ‘by making this affordable to new traders, blah
blah blah’. Honesty please. Money makes the world go round, so I‘ll not labour the point.
Talking about honesty, the reason this page is staring at you is because you want to make
money, and lots of it. True? With this system you WILL be profitable, if – you – follow – the –
rules. This is very important and I suppose its the same with any system but more so with the
BD. The information in the following pages presents a very simple and uncomplicated means of
trading the forex markets so please follow the rules. Simplicity is the key, a key I found after
almost eleven years of trading. Simplicity. I’ve traded ‘complicated’, and I’ve traded ‘very
complicated’, but it’s the simple ways of trading that produced the consistent gains. Bear that in
mind. Simplicity. Wins every time.
The well-known acronym used in trading is KISS … Keep It Simple Sir.
I agree with that statement 100%, and its what you’ll find here. Will there be regular, highprobability
trades? Well, that all depends on your choice of time frame and what your goals are. I
trade the 15 minute TF but my profit targets are not too large, so almost every day there are
quite a few. It’s managing them that poses the problem. I can cope with four open trades, not
more. But that’s me, you may be a very capable trade manager, so….. go for it!
Please read the chapters, links are at the top of the page, in their numerical order to obtain the
full benefit. Its easy to jump back and forth to fully understand the gist of a particular point, any
problems then e-mail or skype me straightaway. Don’t hang about and let’s get earning together!
What is a pip? What do brokers do? What are probabilities? What are fundamentals? Well,
you’re going to have to find out elsewhere because explaining these is not my job. You won’t
find the answers on these pages. There’s no fluff here, no padding on page after page to justify
the often very high cost of an e-book. What you will get is some of my (experienced?) thoughts
along the way as they relate to the subject in hand using a blue font. Once or twice, I may rant
on for a little so I apologise in advance. Don’t take everything I say at face value, check it out for
yourself. These pages tell the story of how I trade, and of how I trade this system. Plus there will
be a few words on how I developed the system. I am now profitable after a long forex journey.
Let me shorten that journey for you.

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