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BullPips Trading Strategy

Welcome to BullPips and thank you for joining us! Over time we aim to grow the BullPips
user base and evolve into one of the leading online trading communities.
No matter where you are on your trading journey, we want to ensure that it is BullPips that
take s you to the next level – the level of consistent profitability.
We aim to keep this guide, short and to the point, giving you the information that you need
to get started without fluff and filler. We know that you just want the good stuff and not to
read about our life stories! All periphery information and support is contained in the
secondary pdf document simply entitled ‘BPSupport’.
As we mentioned on the website, we are here to help you. We want you to be a success in
your trading and will help in any way we can.
As you will soon see the BullPips trading strategy is very simple to execute. It is easy to learn
and can be mastered quickly. Having said that we know that all of you are at different levels
of skill, knowledge and experience with trading and we sometimes forget that the things we
have known and taken for granted for many years may seem alien to you new traders .
With that in mind we have tried to write these guides with the newbie in mind however if
we haven’t explained ourselves or you are struggling with any aspect of trading, whether it
is the system itself, getting set up, trading psychology or anything els e then please get in
touch and we will help if we can. You can find a contact form on the website.
Do not panic if any of it goes over your head as we have also explained some parts of the
system in detail for more experienced traders. You do not need to know about Fibonacci or
CCI for example – the indicators do the calculations for you – you just need how to read
While BullPips is mechanical and easy to follow, you will need to work a few things for
yourself which we have no control over. These include exact stop loss and take profit levels
and are dependent on you as a person, your comfort zones and risk tolerance. More on this

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