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Donchain Channels

Donchian Channels
The template will load 3 Donchian channels onto your charts, plus the Dynamic
Zone RSI plus 2 moving averages plus timelines if you have the indicators. SAve
all the indicators in your Experts/Indicators file and the template in your Template
The Donchian channels are set as follows:
First channel to 60 periods – white channels
Second channel to 20 periods – magenta channels
Third channel to 10 periods – yellow channels
Under input the ADVANCE is set to 2 on all channels, that mean that the
channels are moved forward by to candles. THis have the effect that candles can
break through the lines, of the advance is set to 0 then the candles will be
contained by the channels. Since this is a breakout system it is easier to see the
candles break a line and therefore I have made the adjustment for visual effect.
If you want to trade only short time frames you can delete the 60 period channel.
If you want to trade only longer time frames you can delete to 10 period channel
For short time frame trading enter when price break to Don 20 (Magenta) and
exit if it retrace back over the Don 10 (yellow) channels
For longer term enter when Don 60 (white) channel is broken and exit when
retrace back over Don 20 (Magenta). In other words enter a trade on either a
break of the 20 or 60 longer Don channels and exit on a shorter channel.
I only enter short if RSI is below 50 and longs if RSI is above 50.
I further look at the MA and enter in the direction of the shorter (green) MA.
These two the RSI and MA’s are my filters.

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