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Forex Innovator Trading System

Before jumping straight to our members’ forum to practice trading on this strategy, please read every
word of this manual and review all the chart samples provided. This strategy is based on very powerful
support/resistance levels, which you can witness the power of as soon as you apply them on your chart.
Although we recommend using these levels with our out-lined trading rules, you may still combine these
levels with your own trading strategies to pick up the best entry levels.
Due to GMT offset from one broker to another and DNS settings. The close on the 4 hours daily candle
will differ from one broker to another. In an attempt to unify our members’ charts and to take trades
based on where we have tested and modified the strategy for over 16 months, we ask you to please
download the Al Trade MetaTrader platform from this link:
We DO NOT recommend opening a real account with this broker. You can use their platform to analyze
the market and then proceed to execute trades on your own broker no matter what your broker platform
is. That is exactly what we do.
While the system is still profitable on all platforms, if you insist on using your own broker platform to
analyze the market based on our strategy, then please do NOT post your charts on the members forum
and please don’t share your entry and exit set-ups based on our strategy with other members if you
apply the system on a different platform to avoid confusion.
In other words, only Al-Trade charts and Al-Trade trading calls are allowed on our members’ forum. This
is to maintain consistency, thank you.


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